Flanders readies for 40,000 natural gas vehicles

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Dutch CNG distributor CNG net and Kuwait-and-Europe headquartered petrol station supplier Q8, a trademark of Kuwait Petroleum International, have plans to enter the Flanders market soon, according to the Natural & bio Gas Vehicle Association.

Tax measures benefitting natural gas vehicles were announced by Belgian Energy Minister Annemarie Turtelboom following Volkswagen’s admission to using software to bypass emissions tests, reports the NGVA.

Flanders will keep the tax breaks until 2020, by which time it expects to have 100,000 green vehicles on its roads.

Belgium anticipates most of the green vehicles will be electric, but 40,000 the 100,000 will use natural gas, up from 2,000 cars on natural gas at the moment. 40 filling stations are operated by three companies including NGVA.

Taxes on the diesel will be raised in the coming three years, and gasoline taxes are expected to be lowered.

Most cars in Belgium are equipped with diesel engines, about 70 percent.

Taxes are the same for diesel and gasoline, the pump diesel can be 25 percent cheaper per liter. NGVA reports the government is aware of Disel’s poor track record on particulate matter and NOx, particularly of older engines.

Spain has measures to boost the sales of natural gas vehicles in preparation. They are expected to be announced before the end of the year.