Rolande wraps up Utrecht LNG filing station

Thursday, 05 November 2015

This project is supported by the European Commission, and issubsidised by the European Commission subsidy program TEN-T.

It includes the construction of five LNG stations: in Utrecht, Veghel, Geldermalsen, Heteren and Nieuwegein. After Tilburg and Veghel, commissioned in September, this is the third station.

As part of a study an additional 75 new LNG trucks are being deployed by various trucking companies.

The new station, which features a recognisable roof, is located on the Heroines Avenue in Utrecht, down the A2 exit Maarssen and supplies both LNG and CNG.

LNG is the only economic and sustainable alternative to diesel in the European transport sector.

LNG trucks offer Rolande LNG offers clients the ability to take the truck and fuel with one lease, that covers risks and maintenance costs.

In collaboration with sister company Iveco Schouten it can also provide IVECO trailers, generating substantial savings for the operator.

Rolande LNG said that it offers LNG-fuelled truck operators not just advantages of driving on through lower emissions of CO², with the added advantage of truck gas engines that drive drive 75% quieter than diesel engines, which is practical for supermarket deliveries.