Brittany Ferries welcomes UK’s first LNG-powered ferry

Thursday, 11 February 2021
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Shipping firm Brittany Ferries has announced the launch of the first LNG-powered ferry to serve the UK.

The Salamanca was launched from the CMJL shipyard in Weihai, China at a ceremony on 6 January.

“In spite of Brexit and Covid which have cost our company several hundred million euros already, I am resolved to remain on our path towards eco-responsibility and energy transition,” Jean-Marc Roué, President Brittany Ferries, said.

Wartsila 12V46DF engines

Weighing-in at over 42 000 tonnes, the Salamanca will be one of the largest ships ever to serve the company, and will carry 1015 passengers, with over 2.7 kilometres of lane-space to house passenger and freight vehicles.

The vessel will be powered by two Wartsila 12V46DF engines generating 13 740 kilowatts each. Alternators will be installed on shaft lines to produce energy even at very low speeds.

“Bow thrusters work in harmony with articulated rudders, making it possible to facilitate the tightest turns in the harbour. There is no need for stern thrusters. And when it comes to vibration, passengers will notice just how little there is. Fin stabilisers have already proved effective on sister-ship Galicia, minimising roll and smoothing the choppiest of seas through the Bay of Biscay,” a spokesperson for Brittany Ferries said.

Formal commitment

The French firm is headquartered in Roscoff in the north of France and has long connections in the channel ferry trade. The Salamanca is second of three E-Flexer class ships ordered by the group and will join Galicia, which entered service in December 2020 and is not currently powered by LNG.

“It is a formal commitment I’ve made: we will continue, despite these crises, to reduce our carbon footprint, to keep on improving our fleet and to contribute to the development of the regions we serve. Salamanca is a good illustration of this. By renewing our fleet today, we are ensuring a return to growth tomorrow and Brittany Ferries and our partners remain confident in the future,” Roué added.

The Salamanca will enter service in the spring of 2022 and will be French-flagged. 

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