Third of European ports deploy LNG bunkering

Thursday, 19 November 2020
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A third of ports in Europe have made LNG bunkering available, according to a new study by the European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO).

The organisation’s 2020 environmental report covers more than 60 different environmental performance benchmarks and outlines a growing provision of green shipping services.

“When it comes to LNG, one third of ports has made LNG bunkering available, LNG being mainly provided by trucks and by barges,” the ESPO said in a statement.

All of the ports supporting LNG bunkering utilise truck refuelling and in 34% of cases used barges. In parallel, 57% of ports offer environmentally differentiated fees for ships that go beyond regulatory standards.

Environmental priorities

The new report includes a ranking of the Top 10 environmental priorities at European ports, with Air quality, climate change and energy efficiency taking the top three spots.

“With regard to the green services to shipping, a growing share of ports are offering shore-side electricity for ships at berth (OPS) in 2020, with 58% of sampled ports providing this service,” the report’s authors note.

Of those ports already providing OPS, 46% provide high voltage electricity suitable for seagoing vessels. Of the total 40% are planning to offer OPS in the coming two years.

Green shipping grows

The ESPO also identified that two thirds of European ports are now certified with an environmental standard, such as ISO, EMAS, EcoPorts’ PERS, an increase pf 11% since 2013.

81% of ports have set up an environmental monitoring program, waste being the most monitored issue,” the ESPO states.

Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, the ESPO represents port authorities, port associations and port administrations across the EU and Norway with observer members in Iceland, Israel, Ukraine and the UK. 

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