Rolande opens Ulm fuelling station

Thursday, 13 August 2020
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Dutch fuel merchant Rolande LNG has entered the German market with the opening of a CNG/LNG filling station near Ulm in the south of the country.

The self-serve station features two LNG pumps and two CNG pumps and will operate 24/7 with a daily capacity for up to 150 vehicles.

“We believe that LNG not only makes transport more environmentally friendly but, at the same time, also more profitable. And everyone should get something out of that. This is why we want to supply all customers in Germany with the cleanest and most efficient deployable fuel of this time: LNG! We are not only building filling stations for this but are also organising the entire sales and marketing chain from import to nationwide full-area coverage,” Jolon van der Schuit, CEO of Rolande, commented.


The new Ulm filling station forms part of the EU-financed Connect2LNG project which aims to commission five new stations in Germany and France.

“Opening of this LNG filling station in Germany is a significant contribution to building a low-emission European transport network along the Rhine-Danube corridor. The Connect2LNG project plays an important role in the fight against climate change and I am happy that the European Union can support it financially,” Dirk Beckers, Director of INEA, said.

Further expansion

The new LNG fuelling station is the first in a planned expansion across Germany with new facilities planned in Dortmund, Duisburg, Grasdorf, Lübeck and Ziesar by the end of this year.

“We will continuously develop new concepts for a future nationwide offer in Germany and other European countries. We also provide our entire competence of many years to our customers. This applies to both the sustainable handling of resources as well as the economically optimal use of LNG,” van der Schuit added.

Rolande LNG is a wholly owned subsidiary of Iveco Dealer Schouten and has developed both LNG truck and infrastructure from its research base at Giessen in North Brabant. The firm has received funding from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs to roll out comprehensive LNG fuelling infrastructure in the Netherlands, including service stations, distribution, procurement, customer and providing trucks. 

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