Gasum adds Lieto filling station

Thursday, 13 August 2020
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Finnish gas specialist Gasum has strengthened its gas filling station network, adding capacity for heavy-duty transport refuelling with a new station in Lieto.

The station, located in Eteläkaari 1 on highway 10, and will serve long-haul transport. The facility forms part of the Avanti business and industrial area.

“We’re very proud to have opened a new station in Lieto and that it strengthens the Nordic gas filling station network. Consumers and lawmakers increasingly expect actors in the heavy-duty transport sector to provide eco-friendly services,” Jani Arala, Senior Sales Manager for Traffic at Gasum, commented.

Liquefied Biogas

The new station will also strengthen Gasum’s use of liquefied biogas, with support for the local circular economy through the utilisation of renewable biogas produced from local biowaste and sewage sludge at the Turku biogas plant.

“Since almost 40% of emissions from Finnish road traffic originate in delivery and heavy-duty transport, logistics companies play an important role in reducing emissions. Because the climate impacts of fuels originate in various stages in the production and distribution chain, the only sustainable way to assess the climate friendliness of fuels is their climate impacts throughout the entire fuel lifecycle,” a spokesperson for Gasum explained.

Low-emission fuel solutions

Gasum estimates that biogas can reduce greenhouse gas emissions during the lifecycle of the fuel by up to 90% compared to traditional fossil fuels with biodegradable waste, industrial side-streams and sewage sludge recycled to fuel transport.

“It is important to improve accessibility to low-emission fuel solutions so that Nordic freight can be transported increasingly more cleanly. Each new gas filling station takes us closer to that goal,” Arala concluded.

As the national Finnish transmission system operator, Gasum has led the way in integrating LNG in the transport supply chain in the country and now operates an extensive network of filling stations across Finland and the Nordic region. The group employs around 350 staff in Finland, Norway and Sweden and generated revenues of more than €1 billion in 2019. 

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