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The US government on December 9 published the text of a bill that would cut excise taxes on LNG fuel for marine transportation on the inland waterways. The Waterway LNG…
A subsidiary of US-based alterative fuel technology provider Fuel Systems Solutions, IMPCO Automotive, last month received US Environmental Protection Agency certification for a bi-fuel CNG system used in a Ford…
Skangas on 8 January oversaw first LNG bunkering to the cement carrier “Greenland” at the quay in Westport Stavanger, Norway, using a Truck-to-Ship delivery method. The LNG powered cement tanker…
Thursday, 28 January 2016
A Spanish designer of FSRUs, Sener Technology and Engineering Group, has independently developed an LNG bunkering vessel Sener has applied knowledge acquired throughout more than 40 years of activity in…
Thursday, 28 January 2016
American engineering consultant CH-IV International has announced that it has been selected as owner’s engineer for Eagle LNG Partners’ previously announced LNG production and export facility in the US port…
Thursday, 14 January 2016
Shell Trading Rotterdam has signed a time-charter agreement that will see it operate 15 under construction LNG-fuelled barges in the Rhine region.
A subsidiary of American ship owner, LNG and logistics services provider Crowley Maritime has selected American Eagle LNG Partners as fuel supplier.
American LNG ship conversion services provider Clean Marine Energy plans to launch first LNG bunker barge in North America in February 2016.
President Obama has approved continuation of an alternative fuel tax credit, part of a bill called Protecting Americans From Tax Hikes Act (PATH).
Thursday, 14 January 2016
Western Cascade and Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority (AIDEA) are testing new ways to supply in central Alaska LNG under Alaska’s Interior Energy Project (IEP).
Canadian resources and mining company Teck Resources is piloting LNG as fuel conversion for six of its owned haul trucks at its Fording River steelmaking coal operation in British Columbia.
TravelCenters of America, in partnership with Dutch major Shell, announced the opening of LNG truck fueling lanes and repair services at a TravelCenter location in California.
Canadian resources and mining company Teck Resources is piloting LNG as fuel conversion for six of its owned haul trucks at its Fording River steelmaking coal operation in British Columbia.
Denmark-based shipowner Evergas has ordered four INEOS MAX 32,000 cubic metre liquefied ethane/ethylene/LNG carriers for construction with assistance from JHW Engineering & Contracting.

News Nudges

JAX LNG bunkers Sakura Leader

Fuelling specialist Pivotal LNG has completed first ship-to-ship LNG bunkering of NYK Line’s Sakura Leader at the JAX LNG facility in Florida. The vessel loaded approximately 800 tonnes of LNG from North America’s largest LNG bunker barge — the Clean Canaveral — owned by Polaris New Energy. It marks the first time the Sakura Leader sailed to the US East Coast from Japan and was the first time the vessel received LNG bunkering in the US. “We are honoured to have earned the trust and confidence to fuel Sakura Leader and to demonstrate our unique ability to serve NYK LINE,” said Roger Williams, Manager of JAX LNG, said. The JAX LNG small-scale LNG facility is part of the Jacksonville Port Authority and is owned by BHE GT&S, the parent company of Pivotal LNG, and Northstar Midstream.

LNG bunkering market to top US$400m by 2031

The LNG bunkering market is set to reach US$417.8 million by 2031, according to findings from consultancy Transparency Market Research (TMR). The TMR research suggests that the LNG Bunkering Market will increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.5% from 2022 to 2031, driven by ‘massive adoption’ in bulk and general cargo fleets as a result of stringent regulations on emissions. “The study authors observed that Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) are committed to promote LNG as a fuel of choice for new vessels, thereby boosting the LNG bunkering market outlook. Stridently, firms are collaborating with the GECF to comply with stricter environmental regulations in the coming years, which will spur the adoption of LNG bunkering fuels,” a spokesperson for TMR commented. The firm notes that Asia Pacific held a key share of the LNG bunkering market in 2021 as many Asian economies have grown their investments on LNG fuel supply businesses. Notably Japan, Singapore and India present opportunities and are expected to drive increases in the number of dedicated LNG bunkering facilities in the near term.

EGAS signs LNG bunkering project LOI

Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS) is reported to have signed a Letter of Intent with a consortium of international energy firms to develop a joint venture LNG bunkering project in Egypt. The consortium includes Shell International, Pyramid Navigation, Affinity and Eagle Gas Shipping and follows a memorandum of understanding signed by EGAS in July with Kanfer Shipping and Leth Suez Transit. Energy Minister Tarek El Molla said Egypt was taking concrete steps to cooperate with international companies to reduce carbon emissions and establish the country as a hub for LNG bunkering in the region.

Rotterdam LNG bunkering volumes decline in Q3

Authorities at the port of Rotterdam have reported a year-on-year fall in LNG bunkering volumes for the third quarter of 2022. LNG volumes were 113,701 cubic metres at Europe’s largest bunkering port, a decline of 46.5 percent compared to the third quarter of 2021. For the year to October, LNG bunkering volumes were also down by 42.8 percent year-on-year, hitting just 289,002 cubic metres. Despite the fall in LNG bunkering, the port saw a huge increase in total LNG throughput, driven by the demand for alternative sources to Russian pipeline gas. The port saw total LNG throughput hit 8.62 million tonnes in the January to September period, compared to 4.96 million tonnes in the year before.