Petronas chooses turbo-compression system for expansion project at Bintulu LNG

Wednesday, 06 June 2012

GE Oil & Gas said at the World Gas Conference in Kuala Lumpur that it would be supplying the drivers.

The Bintulu Train nine will utilize APCI Split MRTM liquefaction process technology.

Under a contract of around $150 million, GE is providing fully integrated drivers for Train 9, including GE Oil & Gas turbo-compression equipment and variable speed drive systems from GE's Power Conversion business.

The scope of GE's supply includes a low/medium-pressure mixed refrigerant package and a propane and high pressure-mixed refrigerant package, each driven by a Frame 7EA gas turbine with a 13-megawatt induction motor running at 3,600 rpm and VSI technology variable speed-drive systems.

The compression trains are vital elements of the liquefaction process, which cools natural gas to a liquid state.
"The GE technology we are providing for the Train 9 project is well-proven and is used across a wide range of LNG projects, including such landmark projects in the Asia-Pacific region as Gorgon and Ichthys," GE said.

"The Train 9 project also builds on the strong collaboration that exists between Petronas and GE and is part of a global frame agreement that has existed between the two companies since 2009," said Prady Iyyanki, Vice President of GE and President, Turbo-machinery business of GE Oil & Gas.