Sengkang LNG plant project in Indonesia advances as equipment shipped to site

Friday, 11 May 2012

Known as the Sengkang LNG project, the Indonesian mid-scale venture has been on the drawing board since 2007, but the time-table has slipped over the past five years.

Over the last couple of years developer EWC has been additionally involved in the now stalled Gulf LNG project in Papua New Guinea.

EWC, which is Hong Kong based and listed on the Australian stock exchange, said in a statement that the liquefaction equipment being supplied by Chart Industries of the US had left by ship from Texas Terminal, near Houston, and would arrive in Indonesia before the end of June.

Chart is supplying cold boxes, brazed-aluminium heat exchangers, air-cooled heat exchangers and ancillary equipment for the four Trains, each with a capacity of 500,000 tonnes per annum.

Other equipment was also being shipped to the plant site, EWC said.

This included compressors and electric-drive motors being supplied by Siemens and loading arms manufactured by Aker Woodfield Systems in the UK, EWC said.

EWC, which owns 100 percent interest of the Indonesian Kampung Baru gas field, currently supplies gas from there to a power plant at the Sengkang location under a deal running to 2022.

Feed-gas for the LNG plant will come from the Indonesian Wasambo field, also operated by EWC, though the company has only five years of proven reserves to feed the LNG plant. It expects additional feed-gas to come from other prospects in the area.