Norway’s gas operator Gassco has transported less to EU

Tuesday, 21 January 2020
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Gassco, the Norwegian natural gas pipeline operator and one of the main competitors to LNG, transported 106.99 billion cubic metres of gas through the pipeline systems from Norway to Europe and the UK in 2019, less than in the previous year.

The Norwegian natural gas supplies were the equivalent to 79 million tonnes of LNG, just above the volume of LNG shipped in 2019 by Australia, the world’s No.1 exporter after overtaking Qatar.


“Despite a small decline from 114.2 Bcm in 2018, the year ranked as one of the best ever for gas deliveries from the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS),” said Gassco.

The Norwegian deliveries compare favourably in terms of energy security with pipeline volumes shipped to the European Union by Russia’s Gazprom.

The Russian company’s pipeline gas exports to European countries and Turkey reached almost 202 Bcm in 2018, according to the last available official figures.

“Even in a year with a big rise in European imports of LNG, Norway’s gas deliveries were well above the average for the past decade,” said Frode Leversund, Chief Executive of Gassco.

The operator noted that stable Norwegian pipeline volumes were transported to Europe even as extensive maintenance work on the NCS took place.

“The availability for delivery of gas to the transport system in 2019 was more than 99 percent,” added Leversund.

“That’s a solid result, and demonstrates good interaction from field to delivery points in Europe,” stated the CEO.

Gassco said that in addition to gas, deliveries of natural gas liquids (NGL) and condensate from the process plants at Karsto, Kollsnes (via Vestprosess) and Nyhamna totalled 10.1 million tonnes in 2019.

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