Chart supplies largest European LNG filling station amid expansion

Tuesday, 19 November 2019
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US equipment maker completes venture in Germany as Nordic fuel firm set to expand

LNG Journal editor

Chart Industries, the US maker of equipment for the liquefied natural gas and industrial gas sectors, has completed the commissioning of Europe’s largest LNG filling station to help meet rising demand by trucking companies for cleaner fuel to reduce emissions.

Chart said the LNG fuel station was completed in northwest Germany for the company AlternOil GmbH.

Strategic location

AlternOil will operate the filling station, which is located near Germany’s main A1 highway in the municipality of Bakum in the state of Lower Saxony, bordering the Netherlands.

Chart, whose headquarters are in the suburbs of Atlanta, said operations at the newest European LNG filling station are set to begin in early December 2019 following final approvals from the local authorities.

Chart said it used its proprietary “Saturation on the Fly” (SoF) technology at the station.

“This eliminates methane emissions escaping to the atmosphere and recognizes both spark ignited and compression engines which allows the station to fuel all LNG trucks regardless of original equipment, manufacturer or brand,” explained the US company.

Chart said the SoF technology also improves the station’s overall energy management and provides a total refueling time consistent with equivalent diesel-engine vehicles.

“We continue to contribute to the development of the global LNG infrastructure ranging from liquefaction to marine to transportation,” stated Jill Evanko, Chart’s Chief Executive.

Chart's customer, AlternOil, said it continued to offer maximum operator convenience through flexible, full-service truck centres that incorporate full integration of Chart equipment with other aspects of the station, including AlternOil’s cashless payment system.

AlternOil added that it was planning further LNG filling stations for its planned German network, including in Cologne, Fulda, Hamburg, Bremen and Remscheid.

At the same time expansion is underway in the Nordic countries as a major market participant, Gasum of Finland, has agreed to acquire filling stations and a range of LNG assets.

Gasum is buying two businesses from the German group, Linde AG, with one involved in the clean energy sector and another in LNG maritime fuel.

The Gasum-Linde transaction covers the sale of the Swedish AGA Clean Energy business and the Nauticors Marine Bunkering unit in Norway, which together generate revenues of 100 million euros ($110M) a year. Gasum said the acquisitions when completed would include the transfer of Swedish and Norwegian assets, including a small LNG liquefaction plant.

The sale also includes two LNG regas terminals, two LNG bunkering vessels and 48 gas filling stations in Sweden and Norway.

The value of the deal to buy the AGA Clean Energy business and Nauticor’s Marine Bunkering was not disclosed.

“The acquisitions will enhance the development of the Nordic gas market and create a platform for Gasum to provide a broader offering to meet the increasing demand for low-emission energy solutions from customers in industry, maritime and road transport,” said the Finnish company.

“The transaction will improve access to competitive natural gas and biogas, multiply the available LNG logistics capacity and expand Gasum’s Nordic gas filling station network,” stated Gasum.

The Finnish company’s Chief Executive Johanna Lamminen said the purchase of AGA Clean Energy and Nauticors Marine is part of a growth strategy.

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