Spanish firm provides LNG station at Port of Calais

Tuesday, 13 October 2020
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HAM Group of Spain has designed and manufactured a mobile natural gas fuel station in Calais for international truck transport between the French Channel port and the UK as its network grows to over 70 stations.

The facility was set up for fuel service company C4T Europe and dispenses liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas for all type of vehicles.

HAM said the Calais LNG-CNG supply point was located at avenue Henri Ravisse 504, near the Port of Calais and Eurotunnel in the Industrial Zone of Transmarck, on Exit 48 of the A16-E40 motorway.

“The mobile unit will be located at this point until the construction of the fixed gas station, which will also be designed and built by HAM,” said the Spanish company.

“Thanks to this agreement, C4T Europe and HAM have managed to shorten start-up times for the new station and allow LNG-CNG users to refuel 24 hours a day throughout the year, using any credit/debit card, as well as the Card HAM, for the exclusive use of companies and professionals,” added HAM.

“To access the service station, it is necessary to approach the barriers, which will open automatically and obtain a ticket that allows access to the station for a period of one hour,” explained HAM.

HAM said the installation of the new mobile unit adds to a growing network of 72 service stations, fixed and mobile, located in Spain and the main European road transport routes.

“C4T is a company with extensive experience in offering high-quality secure truck parking and refueling facilities, with all the necessary services for road freight drivers to comfortably refuel and rest,” said HAM.

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