Korean maritime class society opens LNG fuel tracing center in Busan

Tuesday, 22 September 2020
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The Korean Register, the South Korean maritime classification society, said it had established a new LNG Fuel and Bunkering Simulation Center to help the nation acquire more expertise in the shipping sector.

The new facility is located at KR’s headquarters in the Korean port of Busan and officially opened on the 15th of September.

After the opening ceremony, a memorandum of understanding was signed between KR and South Korean company Transgas Solutions (TGS) whose Chief Executive is Lee Jae-ik.

KR will collaborate with TGS to develop practical education and training programs for shipping companies, shipyards and equipment companies.

The Operator Training Simulator (OTS) system will be used to train operators of LNG-propelled ships and LNG ship-to-ship bunkering vessels.

“The KR Center has been established to facilitate industrial growth across the LNG propulsion and bunkering sector based on KR’s long-standing high level expertise with LNG technology,” said the class society.

“The use of LNG as a ship fuel and demand for bunkering is expected to increase as a result of the International Maritime Organization's regulations to reduce sulfur-oxide, which came into effect at the beginning of 2020, and with the strengthening of greenhouse-gas emission regulations in the future,” it added.

KR was founded in 1960 and currently classes an international fleet of more than 3,000 vessels.

The society said the Center would provide comprehensive technical services relating to LNG operations, including not only the customized trial and optimal operations for LNG fuel supply and bunkering systems but also detailed risk analysis for ships propelled by all eco-friendly fuels such as LNG, hydrogen and ammonia.

“KR is already renowned for providing world's best technical services for structural strength assessment, temperature distribution analysis, and thermal stress analysis of LNG carriers,” explained Ha Tae-beom, Executive Vice President of KR’s Research and Development Division, at the signing ceremony.

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