Gastrade launches capacity tender for Alexandroupolis FSRU

Thursday, 23 January 2020
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Greek utility concern Gastrade has launched the second phase of its market test for the LNG terminal at Alexandroupolis.

This is the binding bidding phase for capacity reservations in the project. Companies that have already expressed interest in the first phase are also eligible to submit binding offers.

The deadline for interested participants to submit their offers is 24th February, 2020.

In the first phase, 20 companies submitted ‘Expressions of Interest’ for up to 12.2 bill cu m per year of reserved regasification capacity at the FSRU and delivery to the Greek National Natural Gas Transmission System (NNGTS). The interest was greater than the technical capacity of the project, which is designed for 5.5 bill cu m per year.

After the capacity allocation procedure, allocated participants will be invited to sign Advanced Reservation Capacity Agreements.

The FSRU will have a nominal regasification and send-out capacity of 5.5 bill cu m per year and a peak technical regasification and send-out capacity of 22.8 mill cu m per day.

The tender process for the construction of the project is currently underway. Its commercial operation date is planned for 3Q22. It is included in the European Union list of Projects of Common Interest and is fully licensed. 

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