Open Season starts at Wilhelmshaven LNG Terminal

Thursday, 30 May 2019
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LNG Terminal Wilhelmshaven (LTW) has started an Open Season programme.

LTW will continue the initiative started by Uniper to realise what is claimed will be the first LNG import terminal in Germany.

In order to take part in this process, interested parties were asked to submit a written expression of interest, demonstrating that it is already active on the LNG market or intends to become involved in the future.

Following the conclusion of a non-disclosure agreement, LTW will grant access to further details of the project. Afterwards, the participants can conclude a non-binding agreement (Heads of Agreement) with LTW until 19th July, 2019.

Binding contracts are currently planned for mid-October, 2019.

Within the next three years, LTW plans to construct an LNG terminal, centred on an FSRU, at Germany’s only deepwater port and start operations. The nominal send-out LNG capacity will be up to 10 bill cu m per year.

Wilhelmshaven is claimed to offer ideal conditions from both a marine and logistics perspective. Connecting it to the natural gas transmission grid only requires about a 30 km pipeline to be built on mainly agricultural land. LNGCs will be able to access the terminal at all tidal states, in accordance with highest international security standards.

In addition to regasification and transfer into the transmission grid, the FSRU will be able to load LNG onto bunker barges or tank trucks for onward transportation.

LTW is a Uniper Group subsidiary. The group is currently in talks with potential partners from the natural gas and LNG industry regarding a majority share in the terminal company, which will act as an independent terminal operator. 

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