Burckhardt wins LNG BOG management orders

Thursday, 10 December 2020
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Burckhardt Compression has won an order to deliver eight low-pressure compressor systems for LNG fuel boil-off gas (BOG) management.

The compressors are to be fitted on board two 14,000 TEU and two 690 FEU containerships. They were ordered by C-LNG Solutions, a Singapore-based provider of LNG fuel gas solutions and LNG cargo handling.

All of the ships will be fitted with WinGD X-DF engines and will be built at a Chinese shipyard. There is an option for another 16 vessels.

As the cryogenic LNG evaporates when it warms up within the vessels’ tanks, the boil-off gas needs to be compressed. This compressed gas can be used as fuel for the WinGD X-DF 2-stroke engines fitted on board. 

Burckhardt Compression’s patented 2K70 Laby BOG compressor systems handle relatively small mass flows at cryogenic gas temperatures, without the need for BOG pre-heating. They are specifically designed for marine applications, offering high efficiency, compact design, low complexity, and easy maintenance, the company said.


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