Cameron LNG reports no damage from ‘Delta’

Thursday, 15 October 2020
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Sempra’s Cameron LNG export facility came through unscathed from the latest Hurricane to hit the US Gulf region last weekend.

Cameron said that its disaster assessment recovery team began an investigation on Saturday and determined that it was safe to restart production the following day.

“We have resumed work to execute our plans towards achieving full production,” he company said, adding that it was working closely with the Port of Lake Charles to assess the condition of the Calcasieu ship channel to confirm the accessibility to the loading jetties.

The export facility shut down on 8th October ahead of Hurricane ‘Delta's’ landfall the following day in Louisiana.

Offtake customers talking with newswires said that production had restarted on 11th October at the plant's Train 2, with production restarts for the No.1 and No.3 trains expected around 13th-14th October and 21th October, respectively.

Cameron LNG had also closed on 26th August to prepare for Hurricane ‘Laura’. It shipped its first cargo on 5th October on the ‘SK Audace’ and restarted production the following day after partial power was restored to the plant before shutting down again to prepare for the arrival of ‘Delta’.

The last export from the facility was recorded on 23rd August, according to ship tracking data.

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