Wison to revamp Nantong shipyard

Thursday, 15 October 2020
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Engineering group Wison has embarked upon a large LNG equipment upgrade to transform the Nantong Yard in a RMB1.43 bill investment project.

The work is expected to be complete by 2022.

Wison Offshore and Marine (WOM) subsidiary, Wison (Nantong) Heavy Industry Co Ltd, recently held a ground breaking ceremony for the project in Nantong National High-tech Industrial Development Zone.

The aim is to comprehensively upgrade and transform the Nantong yard’s infrastructure, production capacity and management, plus control processes.

It is planned to extend the existing dock to 370 m x 68 m, expand the general assembly site of about 20,000 sq m, build an SPB general assembly workshop of about 14,000 cu m and a spray painting workshop of 9,000 sq m, another workshop of about 40,000 sq m and an outfitting dock of about 9,000 sq m.

After its completion, Nantong’s production capacity will reach annual deliveries of five FLNGs, LNGCs and floating storage regasification and power generation barge (FSRP). In addition, annual deliveries of 60,000 tonnes of modules and 20 LNG tanks for floating facilities will be possible.

WOM said that the project will not only help it break through the bottleneck of production capacity, but also further enhance the engineering and construction capacity of its two core products: FLNGs (liquefaction capacity: 0.5 - 5 mill tonnes per annum) and FSRPs (power generation capacity: 100 - 600 MW).

"Wison Offshore & Marine, a leading natural gas monetisation solutions provider, has been committed to offering the global energy industry with innovative and diversified approaches to monetise natural gas," An Wenxin, WOM COO, said, "We believe that after the completion of the upgrade and transformation project, it will effectively increase the competitive advantages of the WOM's serialised large-scale floating natural gas solutions in the market, and also better meet the needs of global clients for large-scale floating natural gas facilities,” he said. 

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