German training institute to get LNGC engine simulator

Thursday, 01 October 2020
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Kongsberg Digital (KDI) has won a contract to supply the Flensburg University of Applied Sciences Maritime Centre with a complete K-Sim engine room simulator package.

Scheduled for delivery in August 2021, the package includes a K-Sim Engine Full Mission engine room simulator and a K-Sim Engine desktop classroom configuration.

In addition, the university has ordered six different K-Sim Engine models to achieve training on a variety of propulsion and engine types.

As part of the package, KDI will develop a new model based on the machinery configuration from an LNGC powered by two MAN ME-GI low-speed engines that can operate on LNG, MGO and/or HFO - K-Sim Engine LNG Carrier MAN ME GI L22.

This model will be specifically designed to meet new safety and sustainability requirements in shipping. It will enable students to attain expertise in operating 2-stroke LNG-fuelled engines, with an emphasis on safety-related LNG handling, which aims to minimise risk to personnel and the marine environment.

KDI’s new K-Sim Engine eLearning modules are also included in the package. These are accessible via K-Sim Connect, a cloud-based ecosystem providing clients with a range of simulation services and benefits. 

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