Golar LNG and US technology firm Black and Veatch expand ties to cover ‘green’ LNG and hydrogen

Friday, 20 November 2020
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Golar LNG Ltd, the operator of conventional carriers, floating import and export terminals and a power affiliate backed by its fleet of 27 ships, is expanding its floating LNG relationship with US processing technology firm Black and Veatch into activities such as “green” LNG and hydrogen.

Golar offers its experience of delivering and operating low-cost floating LNG infrastructure while B&V, based in Overland Park in Kansas, is a leading provider of LNG technology, particularly for topsides of floating LNG production hulls.

“Within 2020, Golar and B&V intend to jointly publish a ‘thought leadership paper’ on our first area of interest for collaboration, floating ammonia production with carbon capture and storage (Floating Blue Ammonia),” said a statement.

Golar also operates with its Golar LNG Partners affiliate whose fleet comprises 10 vessels, including conventional carriers, FSRUs and the converted floating liquefaction hull the “Golar Hilli Episeyo” operating offshore Cameroon. Another hull of an older LNG carrier is being converted for an FLNG project offshore Mauritania and Senegal in West Africa.

In subsequent months, Golar and B&V intend to focus on the technical and commercial viability of the most prospective floating applications of the green and blue technologies and areas of interest they intend to investigate.

Any project development and implementation that followed the initial studies would be subject to a separate commercial agreement between the two companies.

“Replacement of coal, fuel oil and diesel with cleaner burning LNG represents one of the easiest and most cost-effective near-term steps to decarbonize the worlds energy mix,” explained Golar Chief Executive Iain Ross.

Golar, whose shareholders include more than 15 major global investment banks and funds, many based in New York, also has a joint venture, formerly known as Golar Power but now called Hygo Energy Transition, with the fund Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners.

Its activities are centred on northeast Brazil, including a project in Sergipe, the smallest Brazilian state.

Hygo Energy has also signed an accord with the Brazilian state government of Pernambuco to develop an LNG import terminal in the Port of Suape.

Additionally, Hygo Energy recently appointed a new Chief Executive to replace the previous incumbent who decided to step down after being caught up in a Brazilian corruption investigation.

Hygo Energy subsequently named Paul Hanrahan, the former President and CEO of power producer and LNG terminal owner AES Corp. from 2002 to 2011, as the new CEO to replace Eduardo Antonello.

Golar LNG CEO Ross explained that the shipping company and Hygo Energy were well positioned to expand on their quick delivery infrastructure solutions and emerging use of bio LNG, made from waste flows.

Ross added that his company has a history of championing and delivering solutions to problems in its industry, and he cited the Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) agenda, which is the mantra that is now part of the investment creed of the “green” banking community on Wall Street.

“Golar looks forward to working with a likeminded and equally capable partner, in the field of floating ammonia and hydrogen production, carbon capture, and other decarbonisation initiatives,” stated Ross.

Hoe Wai Cheong, President of Black & Veatch’s oil and gas business, said the new collaboration builds on years of delivering commercial and technology innovation with Golar in monetizing natural gas reserves.

“Given hydrogen and ammonia’s use in many energy-intensive industries we can make meaningful progress in lowering the carbon footprint and help these industries meet new sustainability commitments,” stated the head of B&V oil and gas.

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