Nauticor sets LNG bunkering record at Brunsbüttel

Thursday, 22 February 2018
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Fuel supplier Nauticor has completed the first LNG bunkering operations for the dual-fuel dredger vessel Scheldt River at Brunsbüttel Port, Germany. 

The trailing suction hopper dredger was loaded with approximately 85 tonnes of LNG, marking the largest LNG bunkering operation in Germany to date. 

“The bunker operation for Scheldt River in the Elbehafen shows that LNG is increasingly establishing itself as an environmentally-friendly fuel alternative, and that LNG bunker operations can be integrated into daily port operations without apprehension,” Carsten Lorleberg, Project Manager for LNG at Brunsbüttel Ports, said.

The refuelling operation was completed using five bunker trucks, two of which were unloaded simultaneously.

DEME plans further LNG investment

The Scheldt River is owned by dredging multinational DEME and is the second dredger in the DEME fleet equipped with dual- fuel engines. It has capacity of 8,400 cubic meters and was built at the Royal IHC shipyard in the Netherlands.

“The ability to carry out the LNG bunkering of a larger vessel was proven today. However, further improvements will be made in the near future when ship-to-ship bunkering of LNG will be possible,” a spokesperson for DEME said.

The Scheldt River is part of a multi-year fleet investment programme by DEME that will introduce two additional LNG vessel – the Bonny River in 2018 and Spartacus in 2019.

Collaborative development of LNG dredging technology

DEME now plans to build on its experience at Brunsbüttel to collaborate with Nauticor and other LNG specialists over the course of the next half-year, to gather further knowledge about the technical and economic aspects related to operating a dredging vessel powered by LNG.

“The new vessel is part of DEME’s multi-year fleet investment programme, which is focused on further increasing efficiency, both in terms of productivity and environmental performance,” a spokesperson for DEME said.

Located in Hamburg, Germany, Nauticor is one of the leading LNG infrastructure suppliers in Northern Europe and the Baltics. The business is a subsidiary of the Linde Group and was rebranded after the buyout of joint venture Bomin Linde LNG. 

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