Titan LNG signs Amsterdam bunkering pontoon deal

Thursday, 08 February 2018
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Fuelling technology firm Titan LNG has signed a long-term rental agreement with the Port of Amsterdam to site an LNG bunkering pontoon at the port. 

The contract is part of a strategy by the port to “facilitate the development of the LNG bunkering market” and will see Titan’s bunkering pontoon FlexFueler001 make its home base at the port’s America Harbour.

“We believe in LNG as a shipping fuel and Titan LNG’s solution fits very well with our strategic focus on becoming a sustainable port and our transition to renewable energy. We strive to connect the port seamlessly to the fast growing metropolitan area, and lowering pollution is a top priority!” Koen Overtoom, CEO of the Port of Amsterdam, said.

Flexible LNG bunkering and reloading

The FlexFueler is designed to supply both inland waterway vessels and larger sea-going vessels and will be deployed initially throughout the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA) region. With draft of 9.70 metres the America Harbour will accommodate bunkering of types of vessels, with seagoing ships expected to be bunkered as concurrent cargo operations occur alongside.

The FlexFueler is also designed to be capable of receiving LNG fuel from either trucks or LNG transport vessels, allowing it greater operational range, and the central location of the America Harbour will allow for flexible access.

“We are very pleased with the support of Port of Amsterdam. Their trust has enabled us to realise a long-term supply solution for vessels that run on LNG…LNG as a marine fuel has a great future and provides one of the building blocks of a more sustainable shipping industry,” Niels den Nijs CEO of Titan LNG, said.

Cargo capacity increase to delay launch

The vessel was initially scheduled to become operational the start of 2018 but will now launch at the end of this year following a slight delay due to upgrades to the design that will increase capacity and flexibility.

“Due to the substantial increase in upcoming demand for LNG as a bunker fuel in the ARA region, we had the opportunity to outfit the pontoon directly with four tanks. It was an easy trade-off between becoming operational slightly deferred and reaching maximum capacity of 1,480 cubic meters from the start directly,” Michael Schaap, commercial director at Titan LNG, said.

Titan LNG is part of the IVECO Schouten Group and provides fuel solutions for industrial companies and shipping lines. Its sister company Rolande LNG, serves LNG fuelling station operator for road transportation.

The port of Amsterdam is Western Europe’s fourth largest port and part of the North Sea Canal Area which transhipped approximately 100 million tonnes of goods last year.

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