LIQAL, TSG sign LNG fuelling partnership

Thursday, 14 December 2017
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Fuelling specialists LIQAL and Technical Services Group (TSG) have signed a partnership for the resale and servicing of LNG fuelling systems for road transport. 

The deal will see Netherlands-based LIQAL combine its expertise in LNG technology with TSG’s business as exclusive distributor for Tokheim dispensers and systems. 

“Via this partnership we can, aside from our current technology and services for the more traditional fuels, give substance to the growing and promising market for LNG with the innovative and high quality systems of LIQAL,” Mario Boere, Managing Director of TSG Netherlands, said.

LIQAL has already deployed its proprietary fuelling system and LNG fuel dispenser with several international LNG station operators but the scale of the new deal is expected to accelerate uptake. LIQAL’s dispenser includes a patented heated and purged nozzle docking bay that complies to international standards including MID regulation.

Brand alignment

TSG was formerly known as Tokheim Solutions, one of the world’s largest providers of fuel retailing solutions. Following the sale of its Dispensers Business Unit (DBU) and Systems and Electronics Business Unit (SEBU) to the Dover Group, the remaining TSG now acts as the exclusive distributor for Tokheim dispensers and systems.

TSG directly owns 28 Sales and Service Divisions across Europe and Africa.

“We are very happy with this partnership. TSG has a leading position in the fuel market and an excellent covering network of service specialists that offer 24/7 availability. Also their quality and safety objectives correspond to our brand and what we stand for. This partnership enables us to provide the users of our technology in different countries with quality aftercare” said Jorg Raven, CEO of LIQAL.

Truck suppliers drive LNG demand

The new partners will offer solutions for both current LNG station operators as well as traditional service station owners and cite the role that leading truck suppliers Volvo, Scania and Iveco have had in helping to drive adoption of the fuel.

Due to the benefits on both an ecological and an economical level, the adoption of the transport fuel LNG has increased rapidly. Both parties combine their experience and know-how in order to increase their reach and technology offering, and to be able to offer customers optimal all-in solutions,” a spokesperson for LIQAL said. 

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