Manufacture of Titan LNG bunker pontoon begins

Thursday, 02 November 2017

The FlexFueler is designed to supply both inland waterway vessels and larger sea-going vessels and will be deployed initially in the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA) region.

The blueprints for the vessel received principal design approval from certification agency Bureau Veritas earlier this year and the consortium tasked with the project of building the pontoon includes Kooiman Marine Group, together with subcontractors Marine Services Noord and Cryovat.

“We are very content with this consortium as each party is an evident leader in its own field. Furthermore, they have successfully cooperated in the past already. This will significantly decrease risk during the building period. I’m confident that we will jointly build this fit for purpose and state-of-art LNG bunkering pontoon,” Ronald van Selm, chief operating officer of Titan LNG, said.

Design increases initial capacity to 1,480 CBM

The FlexFueler001 has been scheduled to officially launch in the first quarter of 2018 but will now be slightly delayed due to upgrades to the design that will increase capcity and flexibility.

“Due to the substantial increase in upcoming demand for LNG as a bunker fuel in the ARA region, we had the opportunity to outfit the pontoon directly with four tanks. It was an easy trade-off between becoming operational slightly deferred and reaching maximum capacity of 1,480 cubic meters from the start directly,” Michael Schaap, commercial director at Titan LNG, said.

Designers from Marine Services Noord have worked closely with Titan’s engineers in recent months to create a compliant and practical maritime piping system while Cryovat will add its expertise in LNG fuel tank design.

“To us, the FlexFueler is the logical last mile solution for in-port operations. It copies the usual modus of operations in the existing bunkering market, paramount for adoption by ship owners,” Rinus Kooiman, general manager of the Kooiman Marine Group, said.

Titan LNG is part of the IVECO Schouten Group and provides fuel solutions for industrial companies and shipping lines. Its sister company Rolande LNG, serves LNG fuelling station operator for road transportation.