China again top destination for US LNG

Monday, 07 February 2022
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Latest US export data shows rising prices for the country’s six liquefaction plants with China again being the top monthly destination followed by a surge of shipments to Turkey in the East Mediterranean.

The US Department of Energy (DoE) data just published for November showed 99 US cargoes were delivered versus 98 in the previous month and 87 shipments in November 2020. The average price at the export points of the six US plants came to $9.85 per million British thermal units in November versus $9.61 per MMBtu in the previous month.

The top five countries of destination, representing 63.0 percent of total US LNG exports, in November 2021, were: China (50.2 Bcf – 15 cargoes), Turkey (47.3 Bcf – 14 cargoes), Japan (33.9 Bcm – 10 cargoes), South Korea 30.9 Bcf – 8 cargoes), UK (30.6 Bcf – 8 cargoes).

The list of the Top 10 countries of destination overall since 2016 through November 2021 showed three Asian nations, South Korea, Japan and China filling the top three spots, while Spain was shown to overtake Mexico into fourth place. 

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